News: Mayor’s Marijuana Plan Hits National News

News: Mayor’s Marijuana Plan Hits National News

News: Mayor’s Marijuana Plan Hits National News

18 Jun 1999


Radios, televisions and newspapers across the country were abuzz last week with the news that Grand Forks Mayor Brian Taylor hopes to make his town the “medicinal marijuana capital of Canada”.

The Reports on BCTV, CTV, CBC Radio and in several major newspapers came on the heels of a report tabled in the House of Commons last week by Health Minister Allan Rock. The report outlines how his ministry in moving forward on the development of clinical trials.

“Moving forward on a research plan that includes establishing a quality Canadian supply of medicinal marijuana, and a process to access it, is significant,” said Rock. “The plan reflects compassion and will also help build the evidence base needed regarding the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes.”

Taylor, who has started a co-op called Brown Bear Medicinals, would like to play a major role in furnishing the government with medicinal marijuana.

The co-op has already been accepted as an official bidder by the National Institute on Drug Addiction, the U.S. government body that supplies medicinal marijuana for research in that country.

Last weekend, Taylor hosted a group of community leaders and representatives from compassion clubs to form an organization and discuss the recent federal government decision to legalize medicinal cannabis.

Fifteen individuals came from Calgary, Nelson, Vancouver, the Sunshine Coast and Washington to attend the event, representing the B.C7. Compassion Society, Nelson Cannabis Compassion Club, Universal Compassion Club, Sunshine Coast Healing Co-op, Hemp Industry Association, Washington Hemp Education Network, Canadian C5ction Coalition, and the Family Action Coalition Towards Sensible Solutions.

The group reached a consensus on a name and mission statement for their organization. The Canadian Cannabis Coalition, as the group will be called, is “dedicated to facilitating a safe, accessible, supply of therapeutic cannabis through research, education and advocacy.”

( See page 3 to learn how some Grand Forks residents feel about the prospect of a medical marijuana industry in their town. )


[MAP EDITORS NOTE: The formatting here has been changed from the the newspaper article for ease of reading, but content retained in full, of course]

Question One: Are you in favor of medicinal marijuana?

Question Two: What would you think of having a licensed grower of marijuana in Grand Forks?

Harold Simcox , Grand Forks

1 ) “Yes, I’m in favor, as long as it’s medicinal marijuana.”

2 ) “Yes, very definitely, Somebody’s going to grow it…We might as well get some of it here.”

Pete Koochin, Grand Forks

1 ) “I’m skeptical about it. I want more details to see whether it’s good for Grand Forks or not.”

2 ) “There could be young kids who are going to steal it.”

Mandy Nordahn, Grand Forks

1 ) “Yes. It would be alright because it’s been proven to be helpful.”

2 ) “Grand Forks would be on the map for sure.”

John Semenoff, Grand Forks

1 ) “Yes. Cannabis is only part of a family of plants that have been shown to be useful… Marijuana is no worse than alcohol.”

2 ) “I would like to see marijuana and related industries so people here could become more independent.”

Deanna Devaul- Malo, Wash. USA

1 ) “Yes. I’m a nurse and worked in oncology for a long time and have seen what pain and suffering people go through. I think they should use whatever it takes to alleviate the suffering.”

2 ) “I’d be 100 per cent behind it being grown, even in my own community.”

Rev. Ted Pearson, Grand Forks

1 ) “Absolutely in favor. It’s nature’s plant put here for that purpose. Every plant has a medical purpose. But like anything else, if you abuse it…”

2 ) “It would definitely be a good thing. It should have been done 10 years ago. It was done 100 years ago – by natives.”

Spencer Popoff, Grand Forks

1 ) “Yes, I think they should legalize it for medical purposes, for cancer. It’s been around here for a long time anyway.”

2 ) “Having that business here would be great, it would really boost our economy. ( Brian ) Taylor has a lot of guts for doing what he’s doing.”

Ingvald Ekman, Grand Forks

1 ) “It’s a bunch of hog wash – those who are speaking about the medicinal value are not speaking about medicinal per se. It’s for their own interests.”

2 ) “I don’t think that Taylor’s track record indicates that he’s fit for the position he holds…And what’s the effect this is having with our young people?”

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Pubdate: Fri, 18 Jun 1999
Source: Grand Forks Gazette, The (Canada)
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