PR: Canadian Cannabis Coalition Says “NO” to Harper

PR: Canadian Cannabis Coalition Says “NO” to Harper

PR: Canadian Cannabis Coalition Says “NO” to Harper

Canadian Cannabis Coalition Says “NO” to Harper

JANUARY 19, 2006


Eastern Canada: Alison Myrden 905- 681-8287

Western Canada: Philippe Lucas 250-884-9821
Rielle Capler 604-875-0214

The final week of Canada’s election campaign will see the country’s cannabis stakeholders and their organizations banding together in attempts to avoid a Stephen Harper led Conservative government, an outcome that some refer to as “Apocalypse Now”.

The Canadian Cannabis Coalition (CCC), an umbrella organization of some 57 groups involved in seeking changes to the nation’s cannabis laws, echo a call earlier this week from Cannabis Culture magazine publisher Marc Emery for millions of Canadian cannabis consumers to unite in an effort to ensure that Harper does not become Prime Minister.

“We are very concerned about the effects of a Harper government on years of slow and difficult progress in alleviating the enormously harmful effects of cannabis prohibition,” says Philippe Lucas, a CCC member from B.C. The organization points out Harper promises to legislate for minimum sentences for those in Canada’s multi-billion dollar cannabis industry, which would inevitably ensnare sick and disabled medical users, as well as personal, non-commercial production along with the targeted criminal element.

The CCC believes that a Harper government would comply with Bush administration demands to lead Canada into a US-style “drug war” approach to cannabis.

“We are concerned for the very independence and sovereignty of our country. We are on the verge of becoming the 51st state. What America wants, Stephen Harper will deliver” says Ontario CCC member Alison Myrden.

“The Coalition believes that millions of Canadians share our fears about the Conservatives”, remarked B.C.’s Debra Harper. The Coalition is gearing up its activist network, urging voters concerned about the Conservative’s impact on their civil rights and personal freedoms to vote for a party that better represents the issues that matter to them.

CCC members say they will be on the phones and in the streets, the malls, and the pubs urging people to vote for the candidate most likely to defeat the Conservative candidate. The CCC does not endorse any particular party, but suggest that the NDP, Green Party and Bloc all appear to have more progressive platforms on cannabis law reform than Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.

Our message is going to all persons with an interest in cannabis law, and beyond that to the presently undecided and those who normally don’t vote. This issue is simply too important to stand aside and do nothing.

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