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A tribute the CCC members who advocated so diligently for cannabis reform. Your efforts will not be forgotten.

CCC Conference

Third CCC Conference – June 20, 2000 Grand Forks, BC

CCC Newsletter

CCC Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 Spring 2000 Contents What is the CCC? A brief history What’s new CCC press release Summer Conference Vancouver Millennium Marijuana March Compassion Club news

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Participating Organizations (Note: not all members wish to be listed on this page)  


IN MEMORIAM In honour of our fellow CCC members and kindred spirits who dedicated so much to cannabis law reform. Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf. Ian

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History of the CCC

History of the CCC Cannabis Health – The Medical Marijuana Journal Volume 1 Issue 1 – November/December 2002 Author: Debra Harper What inspired Canadian activists to build the framework for

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Minutes of the Canadian Cannabis Coalition – Sept. 4, 1999

Minutes of the Canadian Cannabis Coalition Sept. 4, 1999, Grand Forks B.C. At ” Sanctuary” Members in attendance: Please refer to the contact list Introductions, a prayer and a song

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