List Guidelines

List Guidelines



VERY IMPORTANT: Please trim off excess messages, and ONLY INCLUDE the part of the message you are responding to – archive space is not unlimited. Also, some people read the digest format, and if they have to read the entire thread for every post, then the digest format rapidly becomes all noise, no signal.

Please make sure your subject line is relevant to your post and does not follow a thread that has changed subjects.


Keep it civil. No personal attacks, name-calling or other derogatory comments allowed.

Members are asked to make their posts constructive. For instance, don’t send little one liner “I like it” , “Keep up the good work” type posts to the entire list, send them directly to the authors you are praising, but if you have something to add to the discussion, “I like it, but I think we should add ……yada yada…” then your post has value. Ask yourself “how relevant is my message to almost 100 other people?” before hitting send.

Some periods we are dealing with over 1000 emails a month, and to ensure quality over quantity:
Those who post their opinion daily or very frequently should post less often to allow others who refrain because of the volume to have their voices heard so the list does not become a forum for a few.

Unless you are dealing with a time sensitive issue, please show some restraint by compiling several thoughts together when possible, instead of sending multiple daily posts.

When two people are left commenting on a subject that everyone else ceased responding to – take it off the list and between yourselves.

Action, relevant questions, and dissemination of essential information related to cannabis are the main priorities of the list and the more discussion focuses on these, the better progress we will make, so please be as influential as possible in this direction.

Membership Conditions

Our archives are confidential and require permission of the author of the message if you wish to share (or rephrase) any of the info contained therein, unless:
– the author also posted it to public lists.
– it states it is for public distribution, such as a news clipping or press release..


It is the responsibility of each member to voluntarily comply, and those who don’t may have their privileges rescinded.

Members may be moderated indefinitely or banned if they repeatedly violate list guidelines.

The list may be subject to periodic moderation for quality control purposes if the discussion degrades and members request action.

Deb Harper
List Administrator

Rev. date: 20.03.09
Rev. date: 11.10.04
Rev. date : 15.11.04

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