Medical Marijuana Access Regulations and Responses

Medical Marijuana Access Regulations and Responses

Health Canada Invites The CCC To MMAR Consultation Meeting

On Feb 18th, Health Canada’s Office of Medical Cannabis Access (OCMA) held the last of a series of consultations on amendments meant to address the court’s latest judgment on its Medical Marijuana Access Regulations (MMAR). The Canadian Cannabis Coalition (CCC) – an umbrella organization representing medical, commercial and personal aspects of cannabis – was invited to attend this meeting.

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Medical Marijuana Access Regulations

Proposal and Responses

On April 7, 2001, Health Canada published the newly proposed Medical Marijuana Access Regulations in the Canada Gazette. The public is invited to respond to the MMAR until May 7, 2001. Input may result in changes to the final regulations after all consultations are considered.

Health Canada’s Proposed Medical Marijuana Regulations
Press Release


The British Columbia Compassion Society (pdf)

The VICS Response to the MMAR

Stephen J VandeKemp – Federal Exemptee

Reverand Damuzi Response to MMAR

Wayne Phillips Response to MMAR

Debra Harper Response to MMAR

Cannabis As Living Medicine (CALM) (pdf)

Canadian Medical Association (pdf)

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